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- Natural flavor Fresh green -

PinXian chicken powder 908G+

A bargain1kg+

A bargain200g+




Shang pin seder chicken essence1kg+

Native stock1kg+

Native stock200g+

Pure grain MSG2kg+

Fresh extract500G+

Fresh love--In cooking--Chicken essence(1Kilograms)+

The king of fresh soup900G+

Small boil fresh900g+

Native fresh extract200g+

Jane fresh zero starch1000g+

Jane fresh stock1000g+

Native fresh extract1000g+

Native fresh soup1000g+

New start-Big bone chicken soup1000g+

New start-Natural fresh900g+

Pure grain MSG1000g+

Traditional process with modern biological engineering technology perfect mix

-Advocate healthy, delicious new fashion-

  • High quality raw materials

    From raw materials supply base,From the essence of heaven and earth,Warmest wishes for containing from land

  • Advanced technology

    On the basis of traditional craft,Combined with modern biological engineering technology is optimized matching,Advanced microwave drying technology to keep food nutrition to the greatest extent

  • Elaborate processing

    Ten thousand kinds of materials,Wonderful mix,The collision between the lips wonderful good taste;Fine layers of process control,For each a good taste

  • Advanced technology

    Recipe for deployment,As much as possible to keep the original flavor of food,The original edible。 Pay attention to the Yin and Yang,Five reconcile,To advocate“Nature and humanity”Healthy lifestyle

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